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Our Values

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Our Values

The management, office staff, and workers, would like to lay out the values the company aspires to, in the hope that they may be a means of reflection to both clients and suppliers, and where shared, can be applied daily at a personal and professional level. The list of values you find below are not in order of importance.

Innovation :

Innovation is a top priority for us at Mohan Jute Ltd.: we believe that constant attention towards what is new must be maintained alongside the richness of the traditional company, wherever this policy is useful to the development of new ideas, new proposals and possibilities in all fields of the company and daily life.

Research :

We sincerely believe that an essential instrument to achieve highly set goals is to promote and recognise research and much dedication, resources and commitment is given to reaching new frontiers in the jute textile field, with the intention of becoming a point of reference for Indian Jute Industry.

Quality :

The pursuit of excellence is at the center of our existence: we aim to offer the market products and services that are characterized in every aspect of our working life by their quality: quality of material, of research, of taste and innovation.

Efficiency :

Efficiency plays an important role in every detail our daily working life, and we aim to show this to our clients in our products. Efficiency is an indispensable condition for attaining the best and it is a daily goal in our work place. Being efficient means to pledge our resources to make the best use of them, and finalizing them in precise attainable goals. A high level of efficiency is the essence of our own personal achievement and it is a collective guarantee for our future.

Ecology :

At Mohan Jute Ltd. we are concerned about the future and well-being of our planet and we are convinced that it belongs not only to us in the present but to future generations and consequently we endeavour to conserve it as much as possible and hope that we can pass it on to future generations in the same state, or in a better state, than it was passed on to us.

Team Spirit :

Here at Mohan Jute Ltd. we are a united team of professionals and set ourselves the goal of being the best in our sector and of offering the best product. All of us are inspired by the common sentiment of team spirit which guides our daily work.